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Tiger Fight, September 30, Beijing time, the Carabao Cup game ended early this morning, Tottenham beat Chelsea to advance. After the game, Mourinho was interviewed.


"We have our own game plan and it has achieved results. At the beginning of the game, we did not play our usual technical and tactical system. We have a few players. This game is their first game of the new season. Ganga didn’t even play a preseason game. This was a big test for the team, but we did it. The players have a strong spirit."


"In the second half, we increased the intensity of the game. I don't remember if Chelsea had any chance of scoring in the second half. We created a lot of opportunities in the opponent's danger zone. Of course, Kane came off the bench to bring us more Opportunity, we changed our formation and became more threatening, and evened the score. Then there was a penalty shootout. In short, the players performed well and deserved the victory."


"He did a great job, but he couldn't play on Thursday. Dale did something abnormal, but I need him to form a three-back. We can't rely on Tanganga and Toby in this kind of game. So I need Dale. Very hard work, of course, he will not be able to play on Thursday. In this case, he can't play his strongest strength, but that's it."


"Before the game, I said to the players:'You only need to focus on the game in front of you, don't think about the next game.' But I can't do this (just look at the front), I am the head coach, and I need to consider some longer-term thing."


"So far this season, we have played 3 beautiful games. The game at Southampton was very good, better than the game at Newcastle, because the normal game performance was very good. Tonight, we are facing many Under adverse conditions, we played very well."


"The character of the player is the factor that determines the penalty shootout, and of course it requires a bit of luck. Our 5 players are very confident and they told me which one they want to take the penalty. I like their spirit. I hope we will play in Europe on Thursday. The League Cup can win and successfully qualify for the Europa League,


"The most important thing with Lampard is the relationship between me and him, not what we say. As a player, he will give everything in every game of my team. This is what I owe him. I will never I will forget. The only thing I told him was the view of a young and talented coach as an experienced older coach, that when the team is behind and the players need us, we have to come forward. The lead is that we don’t need to be the protagonist of the sideline."


"Last match, when they were behind 0-3, I felt sorry for him because he was lost and quiet on the coach’s bench. In terms of football, I can’t teach him anything. He knows football very well. All I told him was my point of view.


"When this happened, you can also imagine why he suddenly ran into the locker room.


"Recover on the training ground and stay in top condition. Tomorrow, all our players will train at the training base."


Sometimes he can't feel the sensation in his legs. If I can't hold on, I will immediately change to Sanchez. But no problem, he is fine. "

有时他无法感觉到腿上的感觉。如果不能坚持下去,我将立即转到桑切斯。但是没问题,他很好。 ”

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